Thursday, August 30, 2012

Learning to Prioritize

Learning to Prioritize

Tuesday was  my day to blog. I was also supposed to write  on my memoir. I did neither. I worked on my Wordpress blog and secured a domain name Well, my Nystagmus makes reading difficult. Extended periods of reading wears me out and gives me a doozy of a headache.

I already knew this.Yet, I didn't do things as I should. I did what I wanted, then failed to do what I should.  What all of us, the disabled, have to keep in mind is that we can't always do things we want to because the body doesn't always cooperate.

So, each day I'm starting a new way of doing things.
1. Make a To Do List.
2. Rank items by importance.
3. As I accomplish each task I cross them out
***Before I write a new list, I review the previous days list and add uncompleted tasks to the new list.
***I don't beat myself up for  what I didn't do, but thank God for what I was able to accomplish.

Writing Progress

A Journey of Laughter Through  Tears Part II Word Count 3,268.

The rewrite of Part II is under way. Chapter 1 has turned into Chapters 1 and 2. I'm easing into chapter 3 and as I thought it would be, it's waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the first time.

By Jessica Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer and Speaker


Susan Hornbach said...

You're better than me Jess, at least you got up the new blog. So glad you are moving forward with your memoirs.

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